An old saying tells us it takes two to tango. In Argentina they say that life is like a tango and the tango is life. From this arises the name of our dating service “Let's Tango”. To tango it needs two - as well as in a partnership.

If you feel lonely and are looking for a partner, let us ask you to dance - Let's Tango!

We are convinced that it was the right step to come here - We can help realizing your dream of a committed relationship for life.

Our dating agency has existed for many years and operates several branches in Germany and Poland. Furthermore, we are also active in other European countries - mainly in the Baltic States, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. We have great demand from german men on life partners from Eastern Europe, because they are convinced that these women are good companions and wonderful wives to spend a life with.

We are aware that it's not a simple step to reach out to a dating service, however, you can be sure that your decision was the right one. We understand your needs and can furthermore offer professional and honest assistance at high standards.

Our work doesn't only require a profound knowledge and a solid education, above all you will need a long-term experience to meet our standards. All this plus the great life experience has brought us and our customers continued success.

Anyone who takes up with us can be sure that all wishes are taken seriously while absolute confidentiality maintained. Neither we give out your information to third parties nor we publish photographs without written consent.

So if you are interested to enter into a permanent relationship, we are here for you.

In this sense: